DeGate (DG)

Governance token of DeGate DAO

1. What is DeGate(DG)

• DG will be DeGate’s native token with a total supply of 1 Billion, 100% owned by Home DAO initially.

• Token will be distributed to the community via a fair-launch process.

• Participated in Home DAO governance, initiated and approved resolutions with DG.

2. Key Metrics

Token Name


Token Type


Contract Address


Total Token Supply

1,000,000,000 DG

3. Token Allocation

Token Name


Founder Financing

19.8% of the total token supply


44% of the total token supply


20% of the total token supply

Business Development

9% of the total token supply


5.2% of the total token supply

Liquidity Pool

2% of the total token supply


1 Billion

Founder Financing






Business Development




Liquidity Pool


19.8% Founder Financing

The founding team would acquire the stake for 990,000 USD, whereby the tokens will vest linearly over 4 years. The unvested DG tokens cannot be transferred but will enjoy the same set of token rights otherwise. All raised proceeds will be owned by the Home DAO treasury.

44% Incentives

We plan to allocate most of these tokens towards liquidity mining. We expect 1/11 of the 44% (4% of total) would be allocated for token-swap offering to KEY holders (which naturally would be BIHU and MYKEY users). We plan to initially allocate half of the 4% (2% of total) immediately to phase 1 of this swap exchange offering, and the remaining half will be reserved for a similar process later subject to Home DAO decisions. We believe such a DG : KEY exchange channelwill help build consensus and expand DeGate’s reach immediately levering the sizable BIHU / MYKEY community. Additionally, any operational expenses related to community-building and marketing would be paid from the 44% incentive pool also.

20% Financing

This 20% allocation can either be offered publicly or privately to raise capital for our continuous growth. However, those privately offered prices must be derived from publicly traded ones. All raised proceeds will be owned by the Home DAO treasury.

9% Business Development

This 9% allocation would be used to compensate strategic partners in exchange for any services, support, and other forms of collaboration. The allocation can also be sold via structured products (such as long-dated options) to strategic partners to align long-term interest. All raised proceeds will be owned by the Home DAO treasury.

5.2% Reserve

Reserved for Home DAO on any unforeseen or immediate needs.

2% Liquidity Pool

We plan to contribute half of the 2% allocation (1% of total) to an AMM pool at the Founder Financing round valuation of ~5 million USD to bootstrap day 1 token liquidity. The remaining half of the 2% (1% of total) will be deployed into the same pool for further liquidity. All raised proceeds will be owned by the Home DAO treasury