DG Balancer Distribution (LBP)

lbpBalancer LBP Data

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DG Price on Balancer

LBP is Ended

Due to the price of DG token being at a lower range than the start price at $0.2112 for a certain period of time, DeGate Home DAO has decided to end the distribution of LBP at 15:59 on April 11, UTC. The undistributed tokens will be returned to DeGate Home DAO.

Ending Price

$ 0.3530

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Important Notice

1) Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) is a tool designed for distributing tokens that is widely accepted and used by a range of mainstream projects. The LBP can effectively guard against frontrunning, unnecessary speculation and other undesirable events . It is an effective way to initially distribute tokens and provide liquidity within a stable price range at launch.

2) No front run. Due to the use of a reverse auction mechanism of the LBP, if there are no funds purchasing the token at any given price, the price will continually decrease, hence there is no need to front run lest the buyer incurs even higher costs. The reasonable strategy in purchasing is to wait for the price to be in a range that you are comfortable with before purchase.

3) Note the slippage settings. Balancer’s default slippage setting is at 0.5%. If your purchase amount is high, please adjust slippage settings accordingly to ensure successful purchase.

4) Take note of gas fees. As Balancer is on the Ethereum network, and current gas fees for ethereum are high, you should ensure sufficient ETH for gas fees. During purchase, please set a reasonable gas fee to avoid paying too much for your transaction.

5) No private sale of DG tokens. Before the LBP distribution, 10,000,000 DG tokens have been distributed on Uniswap, and a further 10,000,000 rights to purchase DG have been distributed in a unique Social Network Offering.

6) If DG price were to stay below the initial price of $0.2112 for an extended time period, an early termination of the LBP process will occur. It that case, any remaining DG tokens will go back to the DeGate Home DAO.

LBP Parameters

Key Parameter


Starting time

2021-04-10 14:00 UTC

Ending time

2021-04-12 14:00 UTC

LBP circulation supply

< 8.4%

Starting price

0.2112 USD

Starting weight

96:4 (DG:USDC)

Ending weight

16:84 (DG:USDC)

Starting pool amount

100,000,000 DG and 880,000 USDC

Protection Price

Below 0.2112 USD

Token Distribution


1 Billion

Founder Financing






Business Development




Liquidity Pool


Social Network Offering 1%

LBP Distribution <8.4%

Uniswap Initial Liquidity 1%

Uniswap Subsequent Liquidty 1%

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