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The ZK rollup DEX with fast speeds, low fees and maximum self-custody.

Guiding Principles
We are continuously building the most powerful product for the community, guided by these principles

Fully Decentralized

DeGate aims to be an open network composed of thousands of nodes, where anyone can use the protocol by downloading a standalone open source client.


DeGate is designed to give the end user the highest authority, and all malicious actors "can't do evil". With DeGate's non-custodial storing of assets, the entire system will have no backdoor and adminkey.


In DeGate protocol, any token can be listed by anyone in the community. DeGate aims to be available to anyone who owns a blockchain wallet.

Why Use DeGate?

Powered by ZK Technology

Self Custody with Exodus Mode

All assets are self-custodied via DeGate decentralized account. Exodus mode allows for emergency withdrawals.

Efficient Sustainable Gas (ESG)

Innovative solution to optimize gas savings on Ethereum, increasing tx output by orders of magnitude.

No AdminKey

Once DeGate protocol is deployed, its code execution logic is immutable.

Low Fees

Free for makers. One of the lowest real transaction costs via L2 rollups.

Fast Transactions

Trades are executed instantly and finalized on the blockchain within few minutes.

Instant Deposit/Withdrawals

Deposit or withdraw via ZK rollups into your own blockchain wallet within few minutes.

A trusted protocol for DeFi users

We built a fast, safe and reliable trading exchange for DeFi users to trade effortlessly.

Spot Trading

Provides users with a decentralized limit order trading experience with low fees and fast speeds, powered by Zero-Knowledge technology.

Grid Trading

A decentralized grid trading bot assists users in executing grid trading strategies. Automate trades and boost earnings with the security of decentralization.

Permissionless Listing

Unique open protocol supports anyone listing any assets, a limit order decentralized exchange with fully open trading pairs.


2021 2nd Half

Launch of Asset Bridge
Alpha Release (internal testing)

2023 May

Launch of Mainnet Beta

2024 and beyond..

Hyper Scalability (DeGate 2.0)

2021 1st Half

Whitepaper Released
Initial Uniswap Offering of DG Token
Social Network-based Token Offer
Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on Balancer

2022 1st Quarter

Launch of Testnet

2023 3Q/4Q

Mainnet Launch (DeGate 1.0)

Build with the A-Team

Together we are building the protocol of tomorrow


Interested to be a stakeholder of DeGate DAO? We are looking for trusted partners who believe in the power of investing in freedom and are keen to share about DeGate with the Web3 world.